Promoting your business with

First, what is allows users to attach their business Ads to any YouTube video*. (see sample template here) When link with ads is re-sent business has an opportunity to get their ads in front of people beyond their contact list.

How can you promote your business?

By creating a Game* business can achieve the following benefits:

- leverage the other business's foot traffic/ followers/ fans;
- reach out to the fan's friends and contacts;
- create a Social Media Buzz (give a reason to talk about your business)
- collect opt-in emails;
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*the Game - is campaign where business announce the raffle prize for participants who will share their video and (Important!) promote it by sharing with friends and family.

The video is posted in WebStyleShare template - where business is pre-set their Advertisements. This Ads will stay attached during all waves of sharing and reposting of the video.

Why would they share?

The main prize is drawn among top 10% of mostly viewed videos

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