Welcome to Webstyleshare.com!

Webstyleshare.com offers its members an opportunity to earn money by advertising for companies such as or any other business that allows its affiliates to earn compensation by driving traffic to their sites and driving sales. Webstyleshare.com provides its members the ability to create dynamic advertising links that allow the combining of any shareable video from sites such as YouTube with their own specific ads.
For our users that are already familiar with the basic functionality of Webstyshare.com and are strictly interested in creating advertising, please go directly to line 8A.

Webstyleshare.com basic instructions

1) Log-in

2) Open a separate browser and choose a video from any website, WWW.YOUTUBE.COM, for example.

(If you would like to produce your own video please click on our links to our local independent videographer members on our website.)

3) Copy the URL (Web address) located in the address bar of your web browser containing the video that you would like to share.

4) Paste the video URL in the “Paste video URL” box of Webstyleshare.com. Follow the on screen instructions.

5) Give the video that you are sharing a name. This text will be displayed at the top of your ad page.

6) If you have already created an ad page and simply want to attach a new video simply click “EXPRESS SUBMIT” and begin sharing your advertising link. If not, continue to step 7.

7) Choose page layout that you wish to use.

8) Upload a copy of an existing ad that you would like to send along with the video.

Free & Silver accounts - ad size must be 300px X 180px.

Gold and Platinum accounts also have access to the 620px X 130px ad spot

8A) To promote and earn money as an affiliate simply upload
your Amazon banner sized to 300px X 180px or 620px X 130px, and enter
in the “Enter Web address associated with this ad” field replacing YOUR-AFFILIATE-ID with the affiliate ID assigned to you by AMAZON.

Note: Users wishing to establish an Amazon.com affiliate ID for the first time, please do so directly at the Amazon.com website. Please be aware that the creation and usage of the Amazon bounds you by the terms and conditions of Amazon.com.

Webstyleshare.com is strictly an advertising tool and has no direct association with Amazon.com, the company.

(If you do not currently have an ad or would like to update your existing ad, contact a local independent graphic artist to design an advertisement for you. Links to local independent graphic artists as well as videographers are available for you on our website.)

9) Once your ad has been uploaded, simply click on the ad spot on the page layout template for where you wish your ad to appear and then click your uploaded ad to bring it into what will become your new web page link. click

10) That’s it! Your new advertising link has been created.

Share your Webstyleshare.com links with your friends by email or social media sites such as , and watch your advertising spread like wildfire!